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      Kim Weiss RN

      Welcome to Annapolis Integrative Medicine!

      At our Medical Clinic, friendly patient service is our priority. We promise that we'll listen to you - then provide the time and attention you deserve.

      Alan Weiss, MD, is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, a staff physician at Anne Arundel Medical Center, and the Medical Director of Annapolis Integrative Medicine. Dr. Weiss welcomes patients with longstanding and complex medical problems and addresses them utilizing the best of conventional and integrative therapies - including food choices, lifestyle, and nutrients or supplements - to find safe and effective avenues that allow for an optimal state of well-being for every person that walks through our door. Each client is treated as an individual with respect and compassion as we work together to create a well-being plan that supports our patients in overcoming illness and medical problems while creating a future of wellness.

      Dr. Weiss treats a wide range of medical issues, including performing general health evaluations and providing recommendations from a holistic, integrative , and functional medicine perspective.

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      Areas that Dr. Weiss addresses include:

      1. Gastrointestinal Problems: including inflammatory bowel disease, bacterial and yeast overgrowth, and irritable bowel syndrome.
      2. Hormonal issues: especially thyroid dysfunction, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement for men and women, and adrenal gland dysfunction, particularly Adrenal Fatigue.
      3. Effective treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.
      4. Holistic treatment of anxiety and depression.
      5. Metabolic syndrome and diabetes (also known as diabesity).
      6. Lyme disease and other infectious causes of disease.
      7. Sleep Disorders.
      8. Food and nutritional allergies.
      9. Hypermobility Syndrome and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.
      10. Mast Cell Activation Disorder.

      Dr. Weiss has structured Annapolis Integrative Medicine so that every patient can have the time necessary to review their case and concerns. He prides himself in listening and leaving every patient with the experience of being known, appreciated, and served. He and his staff respect and work with each person's choices and goals in the matter of their well-being and life journey.

      Getting you to feel well is his priority, and Dr. Weiss will be your "Let's Get Healthy" guide through the health-care maze and will help you make optimal lifestyle, food, nutrient, and vitamin choices.

      Our Team

      Alan Weiss, M.D.

      Dr. Alan Weiss serves as the Medical Director of Annapolis Integrative Medicine. He earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Virginia and his medical degree from McGill University. He completed his internship in integrative medicine at the University of Hawaii and his residency in internal medicine at St. Elizabeth's Hospital of Boston.

      Board Certified in Internal Medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine

      Biote Legacy Provider

      Kim Weiss, RN

      She has had a wide variety of experience as a nurse, from ICU service to Oncology nursing, and is an expert with IV therapies and is committed to her patients being comfortable, safe and well informed.

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