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      Chronic Illness Doctor in Annapolis, MD

      Evaluation of Complex Chronic Conditions

      Chronic Illness Doctor Annapolis MD

      Dr. Weiss welcomes seeing patients who have been dealing with health concerns that have not been properly diagnosed or treated over some time.

      I pride myself in thinking "outside the box" and looking for root causes of illness.

      Conditions that I have commonly seen that have been overlooked by other doctors include:

      1. Connective tissue disorders including hypermobility and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome....especially in patients who have been told they have fibromyalgia, chronic Lyme disease, and lupus.
      2. Mast cell disorders and histamine intolerance.
      3. Hormonal disorders, including prematurely low hormone states.
      4. Chronic viral bacterial fungal/yeast and spirochete infections that have been missed.
      5. Food allergies
      6. Autonomic nervous system disorders
      7. Undiagnosed sleep disorders
      8. Metabolic disorders, especially undiagnosed insulin resistance, causing weight gain.
      9. Undiagnosed thyroid and adrenal gland disorders.

      And there are plenty more issues!

      Our Location

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      1819 Bay Ridge Avenue, Suite 180
      Annapolis, MD 21403
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      Serving patients in Annapolis, Parole, Eatons Landing, Hillsmere Shores, Highland Beach, Rolling Hills, Edgewater, and the surrounding Maryland communities.

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