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      Patient Testimonials

      When it comes to choosing the right doctor it's not all about how many years the doctor it's been in practice or, the diplomas they have hanging on the wall collecting dust , it's about doctors ability to hear behind what's been sad and not communicated by the patient and that is the 100% the cure it's self and that's who Alan Wise is the 100% the cure. Thank you Alan for being an Extraordinary doctor and most important Extraordinary human being !

      - Valentino V.

      Dr. Weiss is truly heaven sent. I was slowly falling apart health wise and I was told to go see him. My LIFE has forever changed. If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired and getting the run around its time to make your appointment. Life is short so start living and not just existing.

      - Yvette M.

      All I have to say is Dr. Weiss saved my life five years ago. I would recommend him to anyone who is having a hard time getting a proper diagnosis. Thank you. Thank you.

      - Laura S.

      Dr. Weiss and his staff are wonderful. He's thorough, caring, very knowledgeable, and he LISTENS to his patients. Wish there were more doctors like him!

      - Farra W.

      Dr. Weiss is very knowledgeable and thorough - and he can provide you with both conventional medication as well as natural supplement options. His wife Kim provides IV treatment and she also does a great job. The front desk staff is friendly and cool, and the office is kept cute and cuddly with their dog Daniel. I suppose the only downside is if you have a dog allergy! I'm very grateful for their help and would heartily recommend them.

      - Stephanie B.

      Finally a doctor that is very knowledgeable AND is interested in the body as a whole to bring healing and not just disguise symptoms. I highly recommend Dr..Weiss

      - Dawn L.

      Doc and staff are knowledgeable, helpful and supportive. They take time with you and care about your health. The office is like a sanctuary, warm and welcoming. Because of them, my health is back on track to happier days.

      - Carol R.

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