IV Therapies

IV Therapy Treatments Available


IV Therapy offered at Annapolis Integrative Medicine.  Alan Weiss, MD and Kim Weiss, RN, BSN, have been utilizing IV therapies very safely and therapeutically in their office over the last 11 years.  Kim, with over 25 years as an IV Nurse, has been administering nutritional and integrative IV’s in many different settings and practices throughout Maryland and Massachusetts.  We are able to tailor these therapies to meet individual needs and requirements.  Many people can benefit from these therapies and they can jumpstart your road to recovery and health. 

Dr. Weiss does require baseline labs to assess that IV will be well tolerated.  Labs are covered by most insurances and we do offer discounted labs for patients without insurance. 

What We Offer

Low Dose Vitamin C Drips - These aid in boosting your immune system.  $125-150. 

High Dose Vitamin C Drips - As well as boosting your immune system, these can also induce oxidative effects. $200-250
***We use non-corn based preservative free ascorbic acid.  Not synthetic.***

IV Saline - These help with dehydration, low blood pressure and fatigue. $85-125

Alpha Lipoic Acid IV - This is a powerful antioxidant.  Useful for peripheral neuropathy pain and other nerve related symptoms.  $125 

Meyers Cocktails - Mixture of vitamin C, B vitamins including methylcobalamin (B12), magnesium and calcium. Boosts immune system, can relieve sinus congestion and headaches, and can relieve muscular pain and spasms. $100  

Mineral IV's - Mineral IV  infused with vitamin C, B vitamins and magnesium.  Helps dehydration, headaches and mineral deficiencies.  $125

Glutathione IV (with or without Phosphatidylcholine) -  Glutathione is known as the “master antioxidant” and detoxes your body.  It is a tripeptide and very important in helping to combat free radicals and peroxides. Glutathione alone $60-85.  With Phosphatidylcholine $125-160 

Injections offered at Annapolis Integrative Medicine:  $25-40

MIC Injections/slim shot -  amino acid, mineral and vitamin injection.  Helps metabolism and energy.

B12 - We use methylcobalamin in our office.  Used to treat low b12 levels and helps energy levels.

Vitamin D Injections - Preservative Free Vitamin D 10,000 i.u.  Used to treat low vitamin D levels. 

Ketorolac Injections -  an NSAID.  Used for inflammation and pain.

Testosterone Cypionate Injections - Used to treat low testosterone levels

HcG Injections - We have a an HcG diet program in our office.  $510 for a 30 day program.  Includes weekly B12 or MIC injections and monitoring.

HcG Injections - For a natural “jumpstart” of testosterone production.